LLB 3 Year Course

The 3 year Law Courses LLB. is a six semester fulltime course. On completion of the three year course, i.e. after the 6th semester, the LLB, degree is awarded. Students who desire to the study the law, but do not wish to practice as advocates are eligible for the LLB. (Genrel) Degree, at the end of the 2nd year i.e. after the 4th Semester. They are, however, not eligible to practice as advocates

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Eligibility Criteria Admission to 3 years Law Course

A candidate passing the Bachelor’s Degree Examination of the Mumbai University in any Faculty with minimum 45% marks or corresponding degree
examination of any other University recognized as equivalent there to by the Mumbai University with the minimum prescribed marks is eligible for
admission to the first year LLB. The above percentage of marks shall be relaxed by 5% for candidates belonging to the reserved Categories. Admission
is given strictly on merit.
A student who has successfully completed three years course is entitled to LL.B degree and is eligible to practice as an advocate, as per the Rules of
the Bar Council of India, A student who desires to take education in law but does not wish to practice as an advocate is eligible for the LL.B (General)
Degree at the end of two years.

Procedure for seeking admission to the 3 years course

Admission process for the first year of the Five Years Law Course will commence immediately after the declaration of H.S.C. results and in the case of
Three Year Law Course, after the declaration of graduation results.

Total Seat available for 1st year of LLB. ( Three years Law Course)- 1 Divisions unaided total 60 seat..

  • The matter of reservation for the candidates falling within the categories of S.C, S.T., O.V.C. ete. is in accordance with the relevant Government Resolutions issued by the state of Maharashtra.
  • The Prospectus and the Registration Forms will be available at the College Office, The Registration Form, duly filled in, should be submitted to the college within the prescribed time
  • The merit lists in all the categories viz. reserved, general etc. are prepared onthe basis of the marks secured in the qualifying examination
  • Therefore the candidate from out of Mumbai University desirous of applying for admission to SLRTCL are informed that is imperative to submit along with their application forms the official transcripts will not be considered in the event of failure to make compliance with this requirement

Admission Requirements:

Admission must be taken by the students in person, by submitting the following documents:-
  • Original Statement of marks with certified copy.
  • Original Caste Certificate by student intending to avail benefits of the under mentioned categories:- A) Scheduled Castes B) Scheduled Tribes including those outside specific areas, (caste validity). C) De-notified Tribes. D) Nomadic Tribes ( with non creamy layer certificate ) E) S.B.C. F) Other Backward Classes. (With non creamy layer certificate)
  • Passing certificate and certified copy of document indicating the date of birth, for example, school leaving certificate
  • Three Recent Passport Size Photographs
  • In case of students migration from another University, provisional eligibility certificate from the Mumbai University. Application for eligibility is to be made to the Registrar, Mumbai University in the prescribed from along with prescribed fees through college Scheduled Castes office
  • In case of a student from a college affiliate to the Mumbai University, Transference Denotified Tribes. Certificate (T.C) from that college. The application for Such TC’s should be sent Nomadic Tribes (with non creamy layer certificate) through this college in the prescribed form
  • Foreign student seeking admission should produce their passport and student visa at the time of admission. Foreign student holding tourist visas or entry visas will not be considered
  • At the times of admission every student must undertake to attend atleast 75% of the total number of lectures held in each semester